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The ‘Have They Gone Nuts?’ series:

  • reveals the differences that occur in neurodiverse relationships.
  • the unique challenges that the people in these relationships face.
  • and ways for the potential for positive outcomes for people in these relationships.


In the first book in the ‘Have They Gone Nuts?’ series, Dr. Bronwyn Wilson explores the different approaches to interpersonal communication between people on the autism spectrum and neurotypical people and how their differences affect relationships. Drawing on first-hand accounts from 400 international research participants, this first book in a three-book set, is designed to be an informative journey behind the closed doors of people in neurodiverse relationships (i.e., relationships that include autistic people and neurotypical people).

 Intended to be used as a resource for neurodiverse families and couples, classroom educators, counsellors, therapists and researchers, the participants’ narratives provide a unique glimpse into their world and promote greater understanding of this population.

 The words and perspectives of both adults on the autism spectrum and neurotypical adults are interwoven together as we explore the different challenges they face in their daily lives. Conveyed from the distinct position of each group of participants, their conversations illustrate the dynamic interplay that results from their respective communication differences and difficulties.

 Informative and accessible, Dr. Wilson presents a balanced view, with identifiable solutions for both groups on the limitations and potential of living in a neurodiverse relationship.