The Purpose

The objective of Autism Research and Education is to educate and inform by providing up-to-date information that is scientifically validated and peer-reviewed for:

            • neurodiverse families and couples
            • anyone who suspects that they may be in a neurodiverse relationship
            • extended family members
            • those who research neurodiverse relationships
            • clinicians and counsellors who work with the neurodiverse population
            • educators
            • advocates
            • anyone who wants to increase their understanding of neurodiverse families and couples.



Topics that are included, but are not limited to are social interaction; social functioning; affection and connection; different needs; anxiety; conflict; self-management; masking and camouflaging; coping strategies; comorbidity; aspects of gender; seeking help; relationship outcomes; options for improvement; etc.

While there is still much to learn about neurodiverse relationships, this site is designed to be a practical and useful resource. Autism Research and Education offers essential information to assist in bridging the knowledge gap that currently exists between many service providers and the community in general, about the unique relationship experiences of neurodiverse families and couples. By improving understanding of the unique experiences of those in neurodiverse relationships, opportunities are provided to work towards finding solutions in order to reduce the distress felt by these families and couples in general, and NT partners and family members, in particular, due to the differences in need for social interaction and connection.