Bronwyn Wilson is an educator, researcher, academic sessional tutor and author with both personal and professional experience with autism in close relationships. Subsequent to working as a teacher in Queensland, Australia, Bronwyn has completed her PhD at Edith Cowan University, Perth, where she researched the impacts of communication difficulties that can occur within the close relationships of adults with ASD Level 1 (Asperger’s Syndrome). She also holds a Masters of Special Education, obtained from Griffith University, Brisbane, and a Bachelor of Education, obtained from James Cook University, Townsville. She has published peer-reviewed papers and presented at the fifth Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2017 held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney; September 2017, and at the 5th World Autism Conference, Houston, Texas, USA; November 2018.

Since turning her attention to research, Bronwyn is focused on taking the autism conversation out of the classroom and onto the world stage in order to advance discussion regarding autism across the lifespan. She is committed to furthering awareness and education regarding neurodiversity that is respectful and considerate, as well as, verified by peer-reviewed empirical research.  She is keen to grow the wider community’s knowledge and understanding involving what it means to be in a neurodiverse relationship for both; those on the autism spectrum and also those who live with, and love them. She maintains that equal attention and value ought to be given to both positions since relationships are always two-sided and each person within these relationships deserves honour and respect equally as unique human beings.

Bronwyn believes that knowledge is power, both to inform and to make educated decisions, and it is for that reason that she has devoted her life to advancing knowledge and awareness concerning autism across the lifespan, with particular emphasis on neurodiverse relationships.